Welcome to Geekube!

Welcome to Geekube!

Hello everyone!


Finally the blog is live!


What is Geekube?

Geekube is a new tech blog, founded on 18 June 2013, that will cover everything that concern Tecnology, Gaming and much more.

Our mission is to provide everything you need to know about new generation tech.

Check our Main Categories:

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Gaming
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile

You can find them on the top menu above.


Which software is running on Geekube?

Geekube use WordPress, with an awesome Magazine Style theme appropriately customized to show all news from every category directly on the main page.
As you can see everything is organized to not miss nothing.

Furthermore, users will be able to interact and vote on reviews and other content we’ll provide with this feature.
We’re looking forward to make the blog more Social possible! :D

The forum is running phpBB with a Metro Style theme to properly fit with blog homepage.


Is Geekube on Social Networks?

Of course. You can follow the blog through RSS Feeds, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Just check it out and follow us! :D

We just started… Stay tuned!

Meanwhile you can subscribe on our FORUM to start discussing about Tech and Gaming! :D

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